Wonderful days

Here I am again!

The last days i spent with my boyfriend and they were just amazing , even if some things turned out a different way...

I once again recognized that it's not about what you do or not do with a person that means much to you but about just being together with this person, speaking to each other and sharing your thoughts...

Sometimes you forget so fast about the main things in life that you can't see its beauty when you should and you forget to be thankfull for what you got.
You just got this one life and you should live it to the fullest, because every day, hour, minute, any second that passes by is a second that will never come back and you shouldn't waste them with being sad, disappointed or angry when you just have to change your plans a little to make the best out of a new situation!

That's it for now,
4.7.06 20:12

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